Telemedicine Specialist

Alexandra Pellicena, MD, FACOG -  - OB-GYN

Alexandra Pellicena, MD, FACOG

OB-GYN located in Houston, TX

Dr. Alexandra Pellicena has begun offering Telemedicine services. This allows our patients to receive the care and advice they need while practicing safe distancing measures. Additionally, we can provide health care for patients who are experiencing symptoms or under quarantine measures. While not all concerns or condition may be appropriate for televisits, many acute medical issues can be diagnosed and managed with this new tool that is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and supported by many Health Insurance companies. If you’d like to take advantage of this technology for your health care, please contact the office.

Telemedicine Q & A

What do I need to make a telemedicine visit?

Just call our office and one of our medical staff will help determine that your concern is appropriate for telemedicine. We’ll schedule a virtual appointment. We will be sending you an email  message with the link to enter the televisit for your appointment. You can even use your smart phone, it’s an easy way to connect with Dr. Pellicena!

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

Find a comfortable and quiet place to have your appointment, preferably with a high speed internet connection. This will ensure smooth communication via video connection. Ensure that no one else is streaming video content on your network, as this can disrupt your connection. At the time of your appointment, simply go the web address that we give you using Chrome, Safari or Firefox as your browser.

What if my connection isn’t very good?

If you don’t have good access, your provider can reach out to you and may be able to do a modified televisit via the phone. Unfortunately, some insurances do not support phone visits and this may not be available for those are don’t allow televisits.

How are telemedicine visits billed?

Televisits are billed just like regular office visits but with a special code attached that identifies it as a televisit appointment. This means all co-pays and deductibles apply, just as if you were in the office. Prior to your appointment, someone can call you for your co-pay or deductible payment.

What if I need lab work or a physical exam done?

If Dr. Pellicena determines that you need lab work of if they feel that you need to be seen in person for a follow up, she will let you know during your visit.

We understand that the current pandemic situation can be overwhelming. We are working hard with services like these to continue providing the best possible care in the safest way possible.